Why Defining Content Campaign Success is Harder Than It Sounds

JULY 15, 2016
Content marketing has quickly become one of the most important digital marketing strategies out there. But how well does it really work for brands? An overwhelming number of content marketers couldn’t actually tell you. In fact, 55 percent of B2B marketers don’t have a clear picture of what content marketing success looks like in their organization.

The reason? Content marketing has little to do with the bottom line. It’s about creating awareness, offering value and building relationships to drive behaviors that produce ROI.

I know firsthand that content marketing is a bit messy to measure. Here are a few factors that contribute to a content marketing campaign’s success.

Focus on your defined audience(s).
Content marketing is about offering value to a specific audience. So a big aspect of defining success is understanding how well you’re speaking to this core group. If you offer a diverse range of products and services, it’s likely you’ll have several unique buyer personas to target. I recommend defining success by evaluating your reach to, and impact on, each of them.

Does your content offer provide value to the right groups of people?

Make sure your content is relevant.
You need to be sure that you’re delivering the right information at the right time to the right person.

You can do this by tracking the buyer journey and aligning the most relevant content to each segment at each stage in your sales cycle.

Track the level of engagement.
Engagement is another important factor in determining the success of content marketing. It can tell you how well your content resonates with your target audience and how capable it is at driving people to action.

Some metrics you should consider paying attention to are:

Consumption (Average time on page, pages per session)
Social shares
Measuring engagement will help you define your campaign’s success overall. Plus, you’ll have opportunities to improve your success by producing more engaging content.

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