Dwayne Johnson: How to build a Body like his

As the most recently voted Sexiest Man Alive, there’s a lot of men who want to look like Dwayne Johnson. And while we can’t give you the People’s Champion’s pearly whites or buckets of charisma, there is one department we can help you with: the Dwayne Johnson physique.

We’ve narrowed down the best of DJ’s bodybuilding principles for you to incorporate into your own training regimes. Want a body capable of dropping the People’s Elbow on Vin Diesel and living to tell the tale? You need our guide to the Dwayne Johnson training plan.

Start fresh with fasted cardio

Ever heard of “the Rock Clock”? This app from Johnson & co is an essential download for those looking to follow in The Rock’s footsteps. You can set it to “Rock time” which syncs your schedule up to Johnson’s. And at 5am, the man is up for some fasted cardio before tanking his breakfast and carving out an hour or so in the gym.

Got the dedication to match him? According to the British Journal of Nutrition, participants who did fasted cardio burned 20 percent more fat than when they did cardio with a meal in their bellies. If you want abs like Dwayne Johnson, you need to be willing to go the extra mile. On the road, at 5am. See you there.

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