In India, Brad Pitt says he can’t crack Bollywood’s code

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt says he has great respect for Indian film industry because it has its own unique language, but added that he would never be able to crack the code of Bollywood.

Most of the people in the west associate Bollywood with dancing and singing, and Pitt also carries the same image. He says he can not sing or dance and that is the main reason he will never be able to make it big in Bollywood.

“I have great respect for Indian cinema because it has its own film language, its own stars and has created place of its own… That is what we enjoy over there,” Pitt during a conversation with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan here.

Pitt was curious about Indian showbiz as he asked many queries about how it functions, how long the shoots are and other nitty gritties of the Bollywood world.

As SRK said that an action and dance film takes upto 120 days to shoot and a simple film 70 days, Pitt exclaimed: “It’s the same there. But we don’t have dance. I will never make it in Bollywood. I can’t dance.”

Then SRK said: “Oh, we’ll make you dance. We make everyone dance”, and went on to explain his signature move.

The “Fight Club” actor also added he can’t sing as well.

Pitt was the surprise element of the “War Machine” press conference on Wednesday in India’s Mumbai.

There were hints that he may stop over in India after completing his Tokyo press tour, and it came as a pleasant surprise when he entered the conference room with a wide beaming smile along with Bollywood’s “Baadshah” Shah Rukh.

The main motive of calling the event might have been “War Machine”, but all the focus was on the brewing bromance between the two stalwarts of the entertainment world.

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