The Revolutionary Face Mask You Didn’t Know You Needed

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all know a good face mask is an essential part of our beauty routine, but damn they can be messy! Well, that’s no longer the case… income dry sheet masks – literally the mask that came to slay! Using revolutionary technology, high-quality ingredients are dry-printed on a soft, woven fabric mask, which then delivers a potent formula directly into your skin when the mask is massaged.

Still confused? The new technology basically injects soluble ingredients into fabric, and on contact with your skin, your body temperature, humidity, and PH levels activate the ingredients, which are then able to penetrate and bond with your skin. It’s effectiveness is also partly due to the high concentration of ingredients: your average sheet mask is made up of 85% water, but in comparison, a dry sheet mask is usually made up of 85% active ingredients, emollients, and peptides. This high-dosage means that the mask doesn’t just temporarily fill wrinkles but it actually helps to repair them. The innovative idea was developed by a Canadian skincare company just last year, and now Charlotte Tilbury has created her own dry sheet mask: The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask.

What it is: A dry sheet mask infused with ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth, brighten, hydrate and lift your skin. The masks only need to be worn for 15 minutes and can be re-used up to three times – the dry formula doesn’t harbor bacteria.

What it does: Using bio-mimetics (biomimetic lipids are fat-soluble molecules similar to your skin’s composition), when the mask makes contact with your skin the lipids merge effortlessly and are able to release skin-boosting effects into your skin for the next 6 to 8 hours. The mask is so advanced that it finds your problem areas and fixes them: it will add moisture to dry areas and plump fine lines. It uses a plant cell matrix to lift your skin, and Vitamin B3 to brighten your complexion, plus peptides which build proteins that enhance your skin and reverse signs of ageing. Charlotte also combines hydrating fruit and flower extracts that add a glow to your skin.

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