The Dubai Villa with $1 Mil Bathtub

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Attention Everybody! Don’t Plan Your Next Vacation Until You See the $1 Million Bathtub at XXII Carat Holiday Villa!

What do you want to know about the $1 million bathtub at XXII Carat Holiday Villa? Here is everything we know about it!

The XXII Carat holiday villa is set to complete later this year and everybody is so excited!

The villa complex on Palm Jumeriah in Dubai features some of the most extravagant and expensive bathrooms in the world.

Each of the 22-properties are set to open later this year. Each property features a splendid bathtub carved out of the precious rock crystals originated from the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

The XXII Carat villa complex boasts $1 million bathtubs in each of its master bedrooms, which makes everyone jealous.

A Florence-based company named Baldi Home Jewels has crafted the stunning bathtubs.

The CEO of Baldi, Luca Baldi, told DailyMail that bathing in these luxurious tubs it “transcends reality”. He added that ‘They offer the ultimate escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life.’

‘An experience of blissful connection with nature, it is a primitive sensation, which reaches the highest level of pleasure.’

‘The residents of XXII Carat villas in Dubai will be among the first in the world to bathe in these remarkable tubs and enjoy the truly unique, magical and luxurious experience.’

In order to realize the precious bathtubs, each of the rocks, weighing more than 10,000 kg, traveled from South America to the Middle East.

After splitting it in half specialists had to spend hundreds of hours sandpapering the solid rocks into beautiful bathtubs.

Mr Baldi says that thanks to the work of the specialists, the tubs have ‘incredibly smooth interiors’, with the outside intentionally untouched to ‘highlight the contrast between nature and workmanship’.

The holiday villas at the XXII Carat are on the market with a price tag between $10.8 million and $24.5 million.

Which is not exactly the most expensive bathtub, but it is close enough!

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