Transformers: The Last Knight review

Early reviews are in for Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth film in the Michael Bay-directed action franchise, and it’s not looking good.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins as inventor Cade Yeager and English lord Sir Edmond Burton, respectively. Cade, along with a handful of supporting characters, must assist the Autobots in another fight between good and evil.

The film opens in India on 14 July and will mark the end of Mark Wahlberg’s Transformers stint.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Frank Scheck, one of the film’s weakest points is its plot.

“Anyone capable of explaining the near-incomprehensible storyline deserves a prize of some sort,” writes Scheck. He continues saying, “According to Scheck, Wahlberg, who is leaving the franchise after this film, makes the most of his role. However, he says, “Hopkins, who’s clearly entered the baroque phase of his career, seems to be having a great deal of fun — although every time he smiles, it seems less organic to his character and more about the new beach house he’s going to buy with the money he’s raking in.”

Leah Greenblatt, the critic for Entertainment Weekly was more forgiving towards the film, giving it a C-plus review. She writes, “In rare moments, [Bay] does attempt to inject a little sense and context into the franchise’s frenzied mash of Hasbro-toy kitsch and blockbuster bombast.”

The Guardian says, “The prominent action-movie maestro Michael Bay has given us the fifth movie in the Transformers toy-retail film franchise. Or maybe it is the 45th… We’re talking about the same steroidal infantilism as the previous four films, the same epic of tinnitus-inducing pointlessness that audiences have come to love or hate or sullenly wait to be over.”

The Den of Geek reviewer was a bit less enthusiastic. The review read, “Beyond it lies nothing: no emotion, no meaning – just a computer-generated void. The end, perhaps, of cinema itself.”

But so far the only reviewer to give it 4 out of 5 stars is Robbie Collin from The Telegraph who wrote, “Critics aren’t supposed to get excited about Transformers films, because they’re garish, pandering, chaotic, materialistic, hawkish and salacious – as if these are necessarily bad things – and just generally out to tear down the septième art as we know it. Well, sorry: if you’re not staggered by the technique on display here – the stuff that sets Bay’s work miles above the Fast & Furiouses, X-Men: Apocalypses and Tom Cruise-chasing Mummies of this world – you’re not paying attention.”

The Wrap wrapped it up with saying, “In a way, the film plays like a greatest-hits collection of the worst films so far of Summer 2017, from an appearance by the Knights of the Round Table that calls to mind “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” the leaden comedy and leering courtship of “Baywatch” and the general “Why are we in England again?”-ness of “The Mummy.”

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