Who is a Dubizin?

A Dubizin is anyone whose heart resides in the beautiful and spectacular city of Dubai.

Why we started Dubizins?

             There are not many chances in life to part of a first or to be part of the beginning. Such a rare opportunity it is, that when it presents itself you almost don’t realize its significance. Such an opportunity is arising in Dubai. It is often said that “Dubai is a city with no heart” or that “It’s too artificial”. But how can a city with no heart become one of the top travel destinations in the world? Well yes, it is quite a paradox. But it’s one thing to visit Dubai on holiday and a completely different proposition to live in Dubai.

              Dubai is made up of a large majority of expats, which is one of the prime reasons that a sense of belonging to this city is fleeting. The 2008 financial crisis was one prime example when people in the droves abandoned the city leaving large debts in the city. However, as Dubai moves forward toward a new future, many expats and residents have begun creating a sentiment of belonging to this great city. They revel in its accomplishments and are saddened in its hard times. They portray to the world its magnificence and intellectual depth. It’s not about how many pictures they post on Instagram or how many followers they aim to add on social media. It’s about the communities they build within the city that create a sense of purpose and belonging. It is to these hard working individuals.

What do we want to accomplish?

             We want to encourage and help established and upcoming content creators and local entrepreneurs build communities within Dubai. Being resourceful and creative are two important instruments of success for every entrepreneur and so we scour the internet to find new & interesting concepts being used & created to grow an audience. We wish to be a platform for the domestic content creators to get a wider and even global audience. Through collaboration and partnerships, we want to synergize our collective ideas to create digital assets and monetize them for greater prosperity.