The Agency is the revenue generating arm of Dubizins. The Agency is a creative studio manned and operated by advertising and marketing professionals to run internet campaigns for our clients who are looking to leverage internet and mobile platforms by using creative content through techniques that are otherwise out of reach to smaller budgets.

Video Animation

Our Flagship offering. Animation in general has always been a very expensive product to create and is used in campaigns with large budgets. With the agency, animation is a reality for small budgets too.

Creative Writing

Content is King. A website is an instrument to control the narrative of your business. Your website shouldn’t be a bio-data of information it should your own virtual world. We show you how.

Web Development

Layout and SEO are the language of digital competition. Producing great content is only half the battle won. Search visibility is an ever changing reality and is also a necessity.  

Graphic Design

Be one step ahead of the local competition by keeping in touch with global design trends. Logo, video montages, Gif avatars, Infographics & Typography we do it all.


Don’t try and fight the battle alone, a partnership with affiliates and influencers is the only way to get ahead of the game. Don’t have a marketing man on board? Let’s help you with that

Asset Monetization

A website and its social media platforms should not be distributing and marketing channels. Make them into appreciating digital assets to create additional revenue for your primary business.


Running a restaurant is one of the most difficult and noble professions any entrepreneur can take up. With operations taking up most of the time, a reliable partner is needed to help restaurateurs market better. We give them to tools to get the job done.

Whatsapp Advertising

Have a discount you want to float for the weekend or introducing a new dish to the menu? Make a simple and short video advertisement and shoot it out to customers via. Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

Your Story

Restaurants have stories; why did you start yours? What was your inspiration behind it? What makes your restaurant special? Create a short and endearing video clip of your story and share it with your patrons.

Digital Menus

Why spend money on printing menu, wasting paper in the process. Create a digital menu and send it via Whatsapp. Keeping your menu with your customer on the platform they spend the most time on.


In the age of information education and training take up a significant portion of our time. Overwhelmed by volumes of data and facts; there is a burgeoning need for concise and engaging instruments to break down the jargon and highlight the point being made. Our solutions come in handy.

Course: Text to Video

Be it a School or College; get students to understand the moral of the story, in a short, simple entertaining video that helps comprehension and boost interest. Use the power of animation to your advantage.

Staff Training

Have a large staff as part of a complex operation? Do you want to orient new recruits to how the whole engine works and which sprocket they belong to? Then save time and explain it all during new staff orientation.

Culture & Values

What are your company’s core values and how do they fit into the work culture. What are the dos and don’ts of your organization? Keep it Sweet, keep it simple and keep it visual. And don’t spend days in induction.


Dubai has very competitive fitness market, with many expats taking to modelling and fitness as personal trainers. How can they get a competitive edge? One way is to make themselves brands and thought leaders. We can help in this regard.

Resume Advertising

Sum up your work and qualifications in a simple video. Direct potentially new leads to your Instagram portfolio and stress on a call to action. Be proactive and increase your clientele.

Thought Leader

Become a thought leader in the field of your expertise. Be it Nutrition, Cardio, Yoga, Body Sculpting; improve your brand by educating your community about the elements of your industry.


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